Latest Google Algorithm Update 2019

See all latest google algorithm update in 2019 and recent changes in Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). List of all latest google algorithm update and Google search ranking algorithm updates ever.

Latest Google Algorithm Update 2019

Google Algorithm Update 2019:  All You Need To Know

Google officially announced a broad core update. The update is active on June 3rd, 2019.The original announcement was made via the official Twitter account.The Google June 2019 Core Update is the second major change to the core algorithm to be released in 2019.


"Google announced via Twitter that the update was live and rolling out across Google’s data centers'''


New updates are about improving how Google understands search queries, improving how Google understands web pages and bringing both together to provide more relevant search results.

Here comes the new updates:

  • Targeting low-quality news sites

Several websites negatively affected by this update, which suggests that Google may be raising the quality bar regarding news topics.