Meet Vyom mitra -India's first robot 'astronaut'

ISRO chief K Sivan said that 'Vyommitra', the 'half-humanoid capable of doing multiple tasks, will fly in the first unmanned flight as part of the first human spaceflight programme (Gaganyaan) scheduled for later this year. The humanoid - a robot - will be a 'woman' and will speak two languages.' ISRO chief, 'Gaganyaan Mission is not just about sending a human to space, this mission provides us an opportunities to build a framework for long term national and international collaborations and cooperation. We all know that scientific discoveries, economic development, education, tech development & inspiring youth are coming goals for all nations. Human space flight provides perfect platform to meet all these objectives.'

Meet  Vyom mitra -India's first robot 'astronaut'
Vyom mitra
Meet  Vyom mitra -India's first robot 'astronaut'

India's space agency has unveiled a robot that will travel to space later this year as part of an unmanned mission.

Scientists hope that it will be able to later assist astronauts in a manned space mission called Gaganyaan, which is scheduled for December 2021.

Isro will conduct two unmanned missions - one in December this year and another in June 2021 - before the Gaganyaan mission.

The robot, which has been named Vyom Mitra (which translates from the Sanskrit to friend in space) is designed to perform a number of functions including responding to astronaut's questions and performing life support operations