SMEC FINTECH, an initiative by SMEC group of companies, focus to provide quality training in ERP software like SAP and other Indian and Foreign Accounting softwares. SMEC FINTECH is an certified global SAP training and development center which can deliver Global Verified certificates and the training is designed for both professionals and graduates. 

SMEC Fintech is equipped with advanced labs and the trainers are professionally qualified with experience’s ranging from 5-10 years. Training providing in real time server and live projects to empower students career. Our expert instructors will highlight the Key topics from SAP Training based on the questions that can be possible asked by the interviewer during the job selection process; this provides confidence to the students while facing job interviews.

Our Core Certification Courses:- 

1. PGDIFA - Post Graduate Diloma in Indian and Foreign Accounting. 

2. DIFA - Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting.

3. ACFA - Advanced Certification in Finance and Accounting.

4. DFM PT - Diploma in Financial Accounting Peachtree. 

5. DFM QB - Diploma in Financial Accounting Quick Books 


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